360 Feedback

Get constructive feedback on managers, individuals and teams.

How Can 360° Feedback Help You

With 360 Feedback Evaluation , you can get accurate and seemingly anonymous feedback on employee performance from several sources into one report. The source can be the person’s managers, peers, clients, suppliers, contractors, etc.

360 feedback evaluation is helpful in providing a guide to future development. It is also useful for deciding on promotions or compensation, giving you a powerful report to make the right decision.

Why Choose Our 360 Feedback Service

Blaabit provide you with the best value and highest effeciency 


Automated Process

The only thing you need to decide is who is to be the subject for the survey and the list of people who will be giving their opinions…then wait for the report.

Flexible Approach

We can provide a standard 360 feedback evaluation questions or we can work with your company to develop a list of question tailor to your needs and purpose.

Powerful Analytics

Our service provides you with reports and information that will power your organization’s ability to stir ahead with the training and changes that is actually needed.

Get To The Truth

Our invitation and survey process can appear anonymous, increasing employee willingness to come forward with the feedback that they normally do not disclose.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

I'm continuing to increase my use of Blaabit as my budget allows because of the great results I get and the postitive impact of the efforts combined with my client strategies

Alice M.

The team at Blaabit are second to none. Their customer service and creative writing styles were exactly what we were looking for. I would highly recommend.

Edison G.

I like your services and prices, and the most important thing - I like the results I get with you! Thanks again

Eden M

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