About Us

We are team Blaabit, here to help to get conversations going!

We created Blaabit to enable more individuals to discover and tell their friends about amazing services.

Team Blaabit is located in the Hong Kong. We consist of programmers, designers, marketers, and philanthropists, all united by the same vision: to create a network where businesses could access individuals that fit their demographics and request for their help to create word-of-mouth about their products or services. With Blaabit, we hope to bring that vision to life, so that you can breathe life into yours.

Have Your Target Customer Types Market For You

People are KOL of their own friendship circles and their are numerous values when your brand is mentioned by them to their friends. The values of referral by friends are far beyond exposures to display ads, which most customers are now used to ignoring.

Increase Traffic and Conversions to Your Business

When the right group of promoters are matched with your products or services, your business will reap the rewards.

Let's Work Together!

It’s easy to get your promotions out to your audience. Learn more about how to create a Bit and get started toay.


622/A, Presidency Tower, Wan Chai, HK+852 6718 2829

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