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Improve your culture to build a better company

Get a measurement on every employee touchpoints

Get to know employee experience in your organization unlike ever before. Blaabit makes it easy to have an in-depth understanding of each touchpoint in the lifetime of an employee. From recruitment to onboarding, from promotion to the final exit.

Blaabit utilizes a library of surveys that are research-driven to monitor workforce pulse and engagement. With our service, we provide on-going workforce health report and engagement level from each level of employees.

Each survey is created by psychological, business and data science experts to return with accurate and honest feedback, as well as measurable results.

Every organization is different, we can modify and tailor our surveys to suit your needs.

Recruit & Pre-Hire
Onboarding Feedback
Training & Assessment
Employee Engagement

Multi-Rater Assessment
Pulse Surveys
On-Demand Survey
Exit Survey

Why Choose Blaabit

We provide the best value with our employee engagement insight


Updated For Today's Workforce

Every survey is built and designed by experts in the industry to get targeted feedback.

On-demand Report

Get ongoing access to all the feedback and updated reports from your workforce.

Instantly Identify Risks

Gain up-to-date imights on your employees and identify employees with poor or risky engagement rate.

Take The Right Action

Use our survey results to measure the effectiveness of the changes you make sooner.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

I'm continuing to increase my use of Blaabit as my budget allows because of the great results I get and the postitive impact of the efforts combined with my client strategies

Alice M.

The team at Blaabit are second to none. Their customer service and creative writing styles were exactly what we were looking for. I would highly recommend.

Edison G.

I like your services and prices, and the most important thing - I like the results I get with you! Thanks again

Eden M

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