Pre-Employment Assessment

The smarter way to evaluate a candidate before the hiring.

Hire the right person with certainty

There is only so much you can learn from a candidate based on their resume and interview performance. With pre-Employment Assessment, what you get is objective and reliable data, allowing a fairer decision on whether a candidate would perform well in your team or a particular position.

By using Pre-Employment Assessment and skills testing, your hiring process can save time from reviewing hundreds of applications and meeting with dozens of candidates. It increases hiring process efficiency and confident over every hiring decision you make.

When pairing pre-employment testing with a good amount of learning culture, you can expect to see great results for the future of your organization.

Skills Test

The skills test determines if a candidate will perform well in a position by evaluating the person’s job-related skills, such as communication, computer language, math, leadership, and verbal.

Aptitude Test

Test your candidate’s overall intelligence with our aptitude assessment. We test candidates on their critical thinking and problem-solving ability as well as how well they are with obtaining new information.

Personality Test

The personality test determines if a candidate has the right mindset and temperament to manage the day-to-day experience of being in the position that they are applying for.

Why Choose Our Pre-Employment Assessment

Make the process of online assessment easier and more effcient by using Blaabit

Save Time And Cost

Our assessments can determine the right candidate from the unfit ones, helping you to skip countless hours of preparations and interviews.

Integrate With Your Hiring Process

Request your applicants to complete the job-specific assessment by sending them a link in your reply email.

User-friendly On Any Device

The assessment process is optimized to fit on any screen sizes, web browsers, and operating system.

Comprehensive and Cloud-Based

Our assessments are completed online and optimized to accurately reflect real-life performance results.

How Can I Apply the Assessments?

You can adopt our pre-employment assessment to your process to fit your organization size, the position that you intend to fill, and the resources that you already have.


Entry Level / Small Business

Make your hiring process more informative by adding a basic skills test to evaluate a candidate’s job-related skills.

Middle to Upper Management / Mid-sized Businesses

Get a better job performance prediction on a candidate with an aptitude test. If possible, include the personality and skills test to get a more accurate prediction.

Corporations and Enterprises

It is pretty much a standard to administer online pre-employment testing for most large organizations. If your organization relies on hiring staff through recruitment agencies, you can use our pre-employment testing to be more assured on the candidate that you are hiring.

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I'm continuing to increase my use of Blaabit as my budget allows because of the great results I get and the postitive impact of the efforts combined with my client strategies

Alice M.

The team at Blaabit are second to none. Their customer service and creative writing styles were exactly what we were looking for. I would highly recommend.

Edison G.

I like your services and prices, and the most important thing - I like the results I get with you! Thanks again

Eden M

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