Video Marketing

From filming to animated videos, whether you need a promo video for Youtube or animated explainer for Facebook, we can help.

Hire the right person with certainty

It is more important than ever to build a relationship with potential customers with content and information sharing; there is no better way to capture a larger client base than with a well-created video.

Don’t limit your scope to just video demonstration of your service or product promo, invite your customers to go behind-the-scenes, let them hear testimonials from your clients or showcase events that your brand host.

Combining with Blaabit’s experience with digital marketing, we understand how to design your video to maximize the potential of ROI for your business. Reach out to us today and let us help you create your next masterpiece!


Our team work with you to know what you expect for the final video. First, we will ask a lot of questions and then our team will come up with creative ideas.


We will create a schedule to film on location and capture all the footage with high resolution cameras. If you have specific equipment you’d like us to use (drone, 360 filming, etc.), let us know!


Everything captured is given to our post team to ensure the best part is used. We cover editing, animation and photo retouching; we also can help with license-free music and video voice-over. You will get a final master ready for the world to see!

Which Type Of Video Is Right for you?

We also have access to a full complement of professional video systems and shooting equipment; and with a versatile team consists of experienced creative directors, video producers, camera crews, video editors, graphic designers, and animators. Possibilities are endless, tell us what your goals are and we will come up with the idea for you.

Filming Production

Our team will develop a creative idea with you, then follow a filming schedule to get the video created and take care of things like hiring the actor, wardrobe, makeup, and hair styling.

Animated Videos

Customers are 4x more likely to watch an animated video than reading. Hire us and we will develop a script with you, then a high-quality animated video for you.

Creative Video Ads

We come up with attention-grabbing ideas then create the video for you. Great for TVC, Facebook and Youtube.

Company Culture Videos

Give customers a sense of your organization’s values, mission, and team members. We’ll make sure your team will look super pro!

Behind the Scenes

We make polished videos that give your customers exclusive insight into the process of your product coming to life. Especially great for food-related businesses or factory-produced products.

Testimonial Interviews

Let customers be more familiar with your brand when you share your company’s values from interviews with industry experts or inspiring individuals.

How-to Explainer Videos

Great for building brand trust and credibility. Answer common questions or walk customers through not-so-easy steps of using your service.

Company Event Videos

Amaze the public and investors with well-created videos of the public event or in-house training that your company host. We can film, edit and deliver a final product on-the-day if required!

Why Hire Us For Your Next Video

We are experienced and happy to assist everything from creating ideas to publishing

Quality Assurance

Our team is experienced and can get the job done in a relatively short duration, saving you costly production time and expenses.

Loaded With Creative Ideas

We have a passionate, creative team that will bring your idea or needs to the next level

Marketing-Ready Content

Our editing department is highly experienced with creating high-engagement content, great for social media!

Quick Turnaround

We keep the post-production process simple to get you an edit as soon as possible

Some Of Our Past Work

From training to large-scale promotion events, product demonstration to educational videos, our team has the know-how of making the best video to match with your needs.


Teawood Training Event TTRG 2018


Ritz Carlton Hotel Singing Contest


Tai Hing Outdoor Training Camp


Calvin Klein Training Event


Run Our City HK


Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong


HK Baptist University Academy Of Film 2


Christian Action Forest Training Program Promo


Teawood Training Event TTRG 2017


AXA Hong Kong Streetathon


NCS Hair Botany Hair Treatment Promo


American Bedding Cleanik A2Clean Promo


Kar Consulting Retail Marketing Training Video


HK Baptist University Academy Of Film 3


American Bedding Cleanik Healing Cream Promo


Gobi March 2016


Kar Consulting Training Program Promo


Kar Consulting Retail Sales Training Video


HK Baptist University Academy Of Film 1


American Bedding Cleanik M2oxide Promo


Tai Hing RMA Contest Video Entry


American Bedding Cleanik Baby Allergy Prevention


Gobi March 2016 (2)


Gobi March 2015

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